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Craig's YoW: Karuta
Lori's YoW: Herriot
Wright's Bonus YoW:
Select ruffle yarns

7/27/2013 1:30 pm

Final Week - and a short one, so don't miss it! The Yarn of the Day sale ends July 31st. The last lucky yarns are Noro Karuta and Herriot by Juniper Moon Farms.

Sumptuous 100% baby alpaca in a DK weight, Herriot is incredibly warm but still incredibly light. Karuta is a bulky and silky blend in striking colors. But...we only have a few colors left.

We decided as bonus for the final Week an entire select group of ruffle scarf yarns, which make for quick and fashionable accesories.

7/20/2013 7:00 pm

8th Week! Only 1-1/2 weeks left of our summer sale! The Yarns of the Week starting July 20th are Nadeshiko by Noro and Malabrigo Rastita.

Nadeshiko is a luxurious angora based yarn that has a lovely, soft bloom after washing. Rastita is a single ply, slightly felted DK weight yarn in the wondrous colors Malabrigo is famous for.

The bonus for the Yarn of the Week is all the Jelly Yarns, which are just for fun, and some even glow in the dark or under black lights.

7/13/2013 12:33 am

7th Week! The Yarns of the Week starting July 13th are Noro Kama and Worsted Hand Dyes by Blue Sky Alpacas.

The Worsted Hand Dyes are luxurious aran weight blends of royal alpaca and merino in gorgeous solid colors with just a hint of tonal variation. Kama adds the softness and elegance of angora, alpaca, silk, and mohair to the colorful Noro palette.

The bonus Yarn of the Week is Bebe Cotsoy, a cotton-soy baby yarn.

7/6/2013 12:01 am

Because we were so late with the announcement last week, we'll make this one early. The Yarns of the Week starting July 6th are Noro Odori and Saucon Sock by Kraemer.

Odori is a Silk/Angora/Wool blend that knits up quickly at 3 stitches per inch. Saucon Sock is a cotton/nylon sock-weight yarn that can be worked up into shawls or other garments as well.

The bonus Yarn of the Week this week is Pima Lino, a hand-dyed cotton-linen blend.

7/2/2013 4:45 pm

Late announcement for Week 5 - Yarns of the Week through July 5th are Lamb's Pride Worsted by Brown Sheep and Finito by Malabrigo.

Finito is a fingering weight yarn of super fine merino (the finest grade of merino available) and ships on a limited supply basis from Malabrigo only once a year. Lamb's Pride Worsted is the classic worsted 100% wool from our favorite Nebraska yarn company, Brown Sheep, in lots of colors.

The bonus Yarn of the Week this week is Dream, a colorful poly-cotton.

Also, check out our 4th of July sale!

6/22/2013 10:30 am

Week 4! Yarns of the Week starting June 22th are Winter Garden from Debbie Bliss and Kirara by Noro.

Kirara is a DK weight yarn in rustic tones with bright splashes. It is wonderful used in colorwork or simply by itself. Winter Garden is a bulky yarn blending Merino, Baby Llama, Linen, and Silk fibers for a soft but tweedy look great for garments or accessories.

The bonus Yarn of the Week this week is Rustic Wool by Queensland Collection, which is an aran weight superwash with softly variegated colors.

6/15/2013 10:30 am

Week 3! Yarns of the Week starting June 15th are Haniwa from Noro and Burly Spun by Brown Sheep.

Haniwa has a 50% silk content, and comes in more variations of light earth tones than most of the other Noro yarns. Burly Spun is the big and beautiful 100% wool from our very own home-state yarn company, Brown Sheep. (Yeah, that's right. Nebraska is the Good Life. I think that's still our state motto.)

We also have another bonus Yarn of the Week this week, Pure Cotton by Debbie Bliss, a fluffy worsted weight cotton great for summer garments.

6/8/2013 10:40 am

The Yarns of the Week starting June 8th are Hitsuji from Noro and Angel by Debbie Bliss. Angel is a wonderfully light silk and kid mohair blend, great for airy summer garments. Hitsuji has the fabulous long colorways that Noro is famous for, and is the "big-brother" to Noro's most popular yarn, Kureyon. There's also a bonus Yarn of the Week this week, Corafino Linie 5 from OnLine yarns. (We're saying our 4-year old son, Wright, picked that. He ran into the rack for it and jostled it, so that's close enough.)

6/1/2013 8:45 pm

Thanks to everyone who came in to the shop today! The sale got off to a great start with Marlowe from Juniper Moon Farms and Bear Creek from Kraemer as the Yarns of the Week. If you want these yarns, they'll still be 35% off through Friday (or until they're gone.) Marlowe in color Stanza and Bear Creek in Kiwi Ice sold out as the yarns of the day for the in-store special 45% off. Come in throughout the week to see the next lucky colors picked each day!

6/1/2013 10:15 am

Here goes!

The yarns of the week for June 1st through the 7th are:
Juniper Moon Farms Marlowe is Craig's pick.
Kraemer Yarns Bear Creek is Lori's pick.

6/1/2013 7:30 am

Just in case anyone is getting anxious, ETA (estimated time of announcement) today is 10:15am CDT.


Check back here on June 1st for the first Yarn of the Week announcement.

We just realized that for our valued customers in Australia and New Zealand (and other places far south of the equator) that its not actually summer there, but we hope you still appreciate the sale. -Lori


Hello from Craig and Lori at Yarn Charm.

In appreciation of everyone who has helped our little shop get through its first six months or so, we are having a special sale throughout June and July. Every week, Craig and Lori are each picking a "Yarn of the Week" which gets a 35% discount. Plus, for our local customers only, one color will be selected daily for an additional 10% off (making it a 45% total discount! If that doesn't get you to walk into the store, what would?)
The sale is limited to stock on hand. No preorders. No refunds. No other discounts apply. (All the usual foofaraw.)

Starting on June 1st, each Saturday we'll announce the yarns picked for that week. (Craig says "Maybe right at store opening time or maybe later, or maybe before.") Check back here each week!

Note: Please keep in mind that our store's inventory is shared by customers in-store and on-line. Having it in your shopping cart online is the same as walking around with it in-store. On occasion, someone on-line may beat an in-store customer to checkout with the same yarn or vice versa, and we appreciate your understanding if it has to go to the person who pays for it first.

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