Jelly Yarns

Created from a thin round plastic fiber, Jelly Yarn® has a cool glossy waterproof texture specially made for knitting and crochet. The new yarn for contemporary knitters and crocheters, Jelly Yarn® is not gimp or flat lanyard but is created from a thin round VINYL PLASTIC with a cool glossy surface. Create purses, belts, handbags, bracelets, market and beach bags. Available in 10 yummy colors and 3 weights: Super Fine, Fine and Bulky.

  • We recommend metal needles or hooks.
  • For easy glide, wipe stitches on needles or hook with hand lotion.
  • To tie a secure knot, make a square knot and pull strands until they stretch, then release.

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Colors in product photos may vary from the actual item due to dye-lot differences, the limitations of
photography and individual monitor variations in color & resolution.    Multiple skeins are sometimes shown
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